Argha realized that responsibility to its Employee is number one. Consequently, Argha has to ensure that its employees get the appropriate benefit in order for them to work securely and conveniently. Thus, Argha defines its employee benefit as:

  • Shuttle Bus: In order to ensure that each employee is comfortable and safe on the way to the office and also go back from the office, Argha provides several shuttle buses at each picking point throughout Jabodetabek area.
  • Transportation Allowance: this allowance is given as support from the company for the employees’ cost covering transportation cost from their home to the shuttle bus pick point.
  • Meal Breaks: Argha also provides lunch meal for its
    employee and also for those with shifting working hours.
  • Health Benefit: Health becomes important as every
    employee wants conducive working environment. Thus, Argha provides health benefit, such as health insurance managed by Indonesia Government, namely BPJS Kesehatan (Indonesian National Health & Insurance System) and also health insurance independently managed by the company for Outpatient Medical.