Argha has been focusing its development towards innovative 'Green' Packaging Solution Plastic film is playing very important role in packaging industry as one of the best packaging material with many benefits.

Most economical packaging material.

Strong and high protection against moisture, oxygen, dust, lights, odors to prolong shelf life and reduce food waste.

Healthier food concept through higher food protection which lead to lessen the use of preservative in food production.

Wider distribution coverage to scale up your business size.

Light weight to make the transport and logistic cost efficient.


Mono Material
Concept :​

Ultra High Barrier and High Barrier BOPP.

High Sealing Strength BOPP

Heavy Duty BOPP.

Tenter Frame BOPE.

Heat Resistant BOPP.

Degradable :

Degradable BOPP.

Degradable BOPET.